A downloadable SoundFont

This is a chiptune SoundFont of mine that is based on Jummbox but with FM and Piconica drums added to make up for Jummbox having barely any. It is libre and compatible with OpenMPT and most SoundFont players, and is General MIDI. Please redownload this.

The musical-artifacts.com page:

Old versions:

And for V10 (the Chip Noise-containing version):

Here is a tune I made with it:

The icon was made from Jummbox's 192px web icon from its Github repository, a tiny SoundFont file icon (52x52, made by someone on a discord server of mine who I forgot the name of), and a 32x32 version of Piconica's icon. The "FM" text was done via GNU Unifont in Pixlr using the outline and background features. The "Wide Cover" promo image/Banner is my edit of Micasddsa's (one of the bank's co-authors who I helped by making his originally-too-high bank with no proper drums into something that worked) banner to fit in the 21:9 aspect ratio of the itch.io "Wide Cover" promo image.

The Version 10 is an ALT version that has the Seashore changed to a simpler one from an imitator of mine (who happily released it as libre) to allow me to have the Chip Noise from the old BeepBox version of this bank put back in where it belongs. Now FULL compatibility with JummBox exists. The only caveat is that in this alt, Seashore is no longer stereo, but it does loop and is still 48kHz. For those game devs who want proper noise without needing to use drums, THAT is the one you use (oh and it's friendlier to synthy Roland SC-88Pro+ MIDIs.)

Version 11 is V10 but with a stereo seashore yet still under 1GiB!


The Fixed JummBox SoundFont11.sf2 1,020 MB
The above SoundFont but in a .7z 198 MB
The Pixlr project file for the logo 3 MB
The Pixlr project file for the "Wide Cover" promo image/"Banner" 87 kB

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ScummVM supports SoundFont loading, so you can make any General MIDI ScummVM games play in this bank. If you want to have some musical fun, you can play this as an instrument using a MIDI controller, regardless of whether it is a keyboard or not. Use whatever floats your boat.